Coach Angela

Hello! I’m Angela; mother to two very rambunctious children and to our red head Toy Poodle 'Cinnamon.' However, my journey didn't begin here. 

Over the years, I've experienced a great deal of transitional periods which have led to depression, anxiety, lack of self-worth and worse. Despite those times, I can also say that life hasn't been all bad. I’ve had my fair share of financial and career successes, love, healthy relationships, great travels, and more as well. From a young age I’ve always had a desire that centered around helping others in various realms of life; from surrogacy, law, teaching, therapy and more. This desire led me on the path to the person you all are meeting today as a Life Coach.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology as a first-generation college student began the journey of my purpose. After graduating, I took time to explore life, work, date, and raise my children. The one thing I know now that I didn't realize then was that amongst all that I did, taking care of me wasn't something I ever focused on.

It was in 2011 that I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety where I then sought therapy. I went through all of this alone because I didn't feel I would be understood. Despite the silent suffering, I did get better, but as life goes, I began to face many obstacles, experienced a lot of turbulence, and eventually crashed and burned again.

The thing that many don't realize is that it takes extreme discipline, faith, support, and lots of work to dig yourself out of those depressive states. Sad to say, that in those moments, it's simpler to want to end it all. I tried on many occasions, but I'm still standing. There's a reason for that in which I didn't realize before: My story isn't finished yet!

I was so great at helping everyone make their lives greater while still struggling mentally and emotionally in my own. That is until I finally decided to make a REAL change for me! The personal journey I began requires dedication, commitment, sacrifice and self-love. The fulfilment, inner peace, and happiness gained is without a doubt worth every second. Getting to this point was far from easy, but I'm here to tell you that you are beyond worth it!

We all have a story. I wanted to share mine to continue to transform lives. Allow me to be your guide on this ride called "Life". There will be bumps and failures but there will also be gains and successes. As long as you’re committed to you first, you will win. I can tell you a plethora of positive words and inspiring quotes, but knowing my story beforehand allows you to actually see that I have been where you are and I am now your roadmap to greater.

Are you ready to learn to love yourself, realize your worth and value, elevate mentally and emotionally? How about decreasing your silent suffering, people pleasing, and carrying past traumas into new opportunities? Then allow me to assist you in Blossoming! Welcome aboard!READY TO START?
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