Welcome! IUTBU! Participants!

​If your tired of watching others do what you want to do, it's your time now Challenge yourself while Changing yourself surrounded around likeminded people on the same quest to lose weight and hopefully win some money at the same time.  It’ll be important that you learn to follow and Trust the Process.  A healthier you is only 10 Weeks away and it’s time to take your life back NOW! 

The IUTBU Accelerated Transformation Challenge

Registration Starts Now but (The actual start date of the challenge is February 5, 2018)
The goal of this challenge is to shock your body to burn fat! 

· MUST BE 18+ to enter
· Challenge Cost is only $150 for the 10 Weeks period. This includes (5) different meal plans every 7/14 days, secret support group on facebook When you sign up you will be added to the secret group within 24hrs of photo submission, (2) workout Challenges to target belly fat per week, and at the 5 Weeks mark if 30lbs or more are lost you will receive your exclusive IUTBU T-shirt  “I took the challenge” 
· Before and after photos must be submitted in order to be considered in the running to win as well as weekly scale pictures.
· It is the responsibility of the participant to stay engaged on the secret fb group page for ALL information.
· It is the responsibility of the participant to make sure they are medically capable to participate in the challenge.
· All questions and concerns will be answered within 24-48hrs of the opening of the secret group.

' I will be going Live every week on Sundays at 7pm EST 

1. Your BEFORE photo: you need to mimic the exact poses sent to you via email after payment is cleared! Full Body Photos are acceptable only
2. Your AFTER photo: you need to mimic the exact poses sent to you but taken at the end of the contest 
3. At the end of the challenge I will go through everyone's photos and select the winners. I will contact the winner directly and post it on the challenge IUTBU FB pages.
4. The Challenge winner will be announced April 14, 2018.


1.  You will be required to submit weekly weigh ins scale pics via email Friday by End of Day EST

2.  You will be required to submit Body pics at the 5  Weeks mark via email

If you would like to sign up please send your payment to:

Let’s win your life back and some money while you’re at it!


The Biggest Loser  $600
1st Place - $1000
2nd Place - $600
3rd Place - $150

* Contingent upon the number of participants

​Discounted Price


Exercise Plan
Meal Plan w/Customized Exercise Plan


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Contest w/Meal Plan Only
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