Join me on my 90 Days Get Fit with Me Challenge

This is my journey, I am bringing you along.  This will be all Discipline and it is a journey for who is ready not for the weak.  

You can lose between 40lbs to 75lbs in 90 Days.

Results may vary based on how much your starting weight is.

Start Date 2/8/2021

Hurry On Sale $500 

(Regular $700.00)

1.  You will be on my personal plan

2.  You will be doing my personal workouts (At Home)

3.  You will be accountable daily

4.  There will be Lives 

5.  We will share how we prepare meals via Facebook Live/Video 

​6.  We will share our workouts via video

​7.  Your Race Your Pace

8.  If you want RESULTS here's your chance.

9.  If you are serious and ready Let's Go!

Rapid Weight Loss


90 Days GET FIT w/Coach Trina